Planning to leave a spouse is not something many people think they will have to encounter at some point in their marriage. However, the truth is that not every person who gets married is going to stay with that person for the rest of their lives. Those who are considering ending a marriage may feel overwhelmed and anxious about what the future holds. Walking out suddenly after a heated argument may only make matters worse for the both of you. Many spouses prefer to leave their spouse in a manner that is both empathetic and kind, as this will leave less scars for all involved. 

After making the decision to leave a spouse, you may not want to pack up your bags and walk out the door without planning ahead of time. With such a big life decision ahead, acting carefully and with some strategy can make all the difference in the long run. To protect your best interests, here are steps you can take towards divorce:

Keep Records and Start Gathering Documentation

Make copies of important documents, such as financial records, property, assets, insurance, retirement accounts, bank accounts, deeds, etc. Keep records of everything, including text messages, emails, and notes, even if it seems trivial at the time. To be less conspicuous, you can work with a lawyer who can focus on gathering and keeping these documents for you. 

Open a Bank Account in Only Your Name

You may want to open a separate account, both checking and savings, at a local bank. You will have to eventually become accustomed to drafting a budget for your everyday expenses. If you are anticipating a big change in lifestyle after separating from your spouse, then consider drafting a budget for yourself to practice from.

Do You Tell Your Spouse, Or Not?

The moment that you tell your spouse you want to divorce can be both terrifying and freeing. Choosing the right time and place to inform your spouse of your decision is unique to each couple. It is best to choose a time when you can both talk about it and don’t have other obligations to attend to (such as work, taking kids to school, appointments, etc).

Making the decision to part ways from a spouse is never an easy task, and recruiting help from friends, family, therapists, and legal professionals is a good idea. If this is a situation you or someone you love is in, consider talking with a lawyer soon, such as a divorce lawyer Alameda County, CA from Attorney Bernie