Importance of Writing a Will

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The thought of death is not consoling. Most people spend their days avoiding the idea, ignoring any form of preparation until later in life. Unfortunately, not everyone will have the privilege of experience later in life, which means making preparations when you are still of sound mind and body is crucial.

Regardless of your current age, if you are reading this, some part of you understands the necessity of preparation. A will is the fundamental form of that preparatory work. In it, you can provide the framework from the distribution of your assets to guardianship over your children or dependents.

Take Power Away From Probate Court

Many people decide to write a will because they want to minimize interference from probate courts after their death as probate can be an incredibly cumbersome and overbearing process. If you do not have a will at the time of your death, your family and friends will need to go through the process, and the court will have the final say in how assets are distributed and who gets custody of your children.

For some people, having a probate court take care of the process is easy and cost-effective, but these people typically do not have many assets. However, while allowing the court to decide some aspects of your estate might take pressure off you, it can lead to tension and turmoil in the family. 

Make Your Wishes Known

A will is a way to ensure your wishes are heard. While a court is always likely to adhere to the decisions in your will. Family members can contest some estate decisions, and a court can rule in the family’s favor, potentially negating your original wishes. However, the chances of such negations occurring are slim unless a will is outdated or the family can prove mental incapacity when the will was created.

The primary reason you create a will is to ensure your estate is managed the way you would like after your death. You can divvy up assets to specific relatives and friends, and you can lay out your wishes for a specific family member, especially children.

As you consider your estate and begin to appreciate the weight of mortality, consider writing your will to ensure your estate is cared for and divided up the way you want. Then, contact a wills lawyer such as Kaplan Law Practice to discuss any concerns or specific needs. Finally, schedule a consultation to begin learning about the process.