The simple answer to this question is yes, an injury lawyer can help you after dealing with assault. There are a few specifics that you can learn about to better understand what will happen and how this will be dealt with according to a personal injury lawyer from our friends at the Brandy Austin Law Firm.

Can I Sue Someone For Assault?

To answer this question there’s a little bit of background information to add. When it comes to the law there are two sides of it. There is the civil side and the criminal side. Assault is considered a criminal charge but can also be used in the civil side of law. When you are pursuing criminal charges, you would go to a criminal lawyer whereas if you are looking to file a lawsuit for assault you would go to a civil lawyer such as a personal injury attorney. All this to say that yes, you can sue someone for assault.

Will They Go To Jail?

No, they will not go to jail. Any case where a person faces jail or prison time is a criminal case. Lawsuits are not a part of criminal law so if you were to sue a person for something such as assault, they will not go to jail or prison. If a person was arrested and charged with the criminal

charge of assault then it’s possible that they will go to jail if they are found guilty. In civil law people are not found “guilty” or “not guilty”, they are found “liable” or “not liable”.

If They Aren’t Going To Jail, Then What Will Happen?

Since this situation demonstrates a civil case, the punishment for the assault would be having to pay for medical bills and expenses as well as extra fines due to the pain and suffering you had to

endure as a result of the assault. So, in the situation that this person is found “liable” for the charge of assault they will have to pay money to compensate you rather than face jail time.

Why Is An Injury Lawyer The Person I Would Go To?

Injury lawyers do pretty much exactly what it sounds like, injuries to a person that have been caused by another person or a company. This includes things such as motor vehicle accidents, slips and falls, worker’s compensation, product liability, and assault. These types of

lawyers deal with physical or psychological injury to a person so that type of lawyer would be the perfect type to deal with assault. Once you get in contact with a personal injury attorney, they will guide you step by step in what you need to do regarding your case and getting you the

compensation that you deserve, but if you choose to press criminal charges then a personal injury attorney would not be the fit for you.